Saturday, April 25, 2009

MAC Collection Du Jour 4.25.09

I have been hearing lots of rumblings about this collection coming up and I have to say after being very dissapointed with MAC's new one out right now Rose Romance, I am psyched for Style Warriors. Above are the Promo shots from The first picture really grabs me, the bronzed, golden goddess type. I don't wear bright yellow so the second does entice me into the products, but it is a great shot, very tribal.

I am very excited for:
  • Lustre Drops- You can add this to your foundation to give you sheen and a dewy look. You all know how keen I am on this.
  • SOLAR BITS!! Eyeshadow pigment chunks, sorta...bad way to describe that.
  • Soft Force (Soft Champagne), Night Maneuvers (Brown- Taupe) and Vibrant Grape (Purple!! My new favorite color for Summer!!!) eyeshadow. I love shimmery soft nudes, taupes and Purple. I will be leaving off Bright Future (Yellow)

What will you all be getting?
Make sure to check out for more info!


  1. solar bits for sure!
    but the lustre drops i'll probably pass on.
    when mac says dewy i automatically think greasy and glitter-ridden. its a good concept tho! i think my laura mercier tinted mositurizer gives me enough dew.
    thanks for the heads up on this collection :)

  2. There's so much I want from Style Warriors! I can see my wallet shaking at me out of the corner of my eye.

    The lustre drops I imagine will leave me looking like an oil slick so I'll just stick to my MSFS and pigments when I wanna glow!

  3. Dirty, I can't wait for the solar bits!!! I love dewy, glittery on my face, not so much. I will have to wait and see in person but right now I am hopeful! I love LM tinted moisturizer also!

  4. Yinka, our wallets will be in pain together :)
    What do you plan on getting?

  5. I'm soo excited for this collection!

  6. Dying to get my hands on the drops and the solar bits!!

  7. tali, me too!! Can't wait, so soon!