Friday, April 17, 2009

Nude Lips Du Jour 4.17.09

You all know now about my well documented love for Nude Lips.
I want to show you my usual suspects.

From Left to Right, (Both Lipsticks and hand swatches in same order)
YSL Rouge Volupte #2, GOSH Darling, MAC Fleshpot, MAC Myth, MAC Creme D'Nude, MAC High Tea, NARS Belle Du Jour.

With Flash.

Without Flash

With Flash

Without Flash

Full Review:
YSL Rouge Volupte #2- My favorite lipstick formulation, pigmented, creamy, smells great, and moisturizing.
GOSH Darling Lipstick- this is another one of my favorites I picked this up a few months ago on a trip to london (since then I have ordered 2 more to keep as back ups, i love it that much), this is very soft, reminds me of a glaze from MAC, it is THE perfect nude, any more pigmented and you would risk having concealor lips.
MAC Fleshpot- I like this color ALOT, but you have to be careful other wise you get concealor lips, this has a very slight pinky undertone. The formluation is a bit drying and you must have very moisturized lips to wear this as it will enhance the look of dryness on your lips. This was a limited edition, but you can order through MACpro. (This can give you that porn star look, which i hae to admit but I like )
MAC Myth- I like this, very similar in formulation to Fleshpot again, you have to be careful other wise you get concealor lips, this is more beige than Fleshpot.
MAC Creme D'Nude- This is my favorite MAC nude lipstick, this is similar to GOSH Darling, it is easy to work with and much more moisturizing. This is a Creamsheen formulation. It is sheerer and creamier than Fleshpot and Myth.
MAC High Tea- This is a frost, I do not wear it all that much, it is a sheer natural nude with a bit of sheen from the frost.
NARS Belle Du Jour- I love the name, obviously!!! The formulation is better than Myth and Fleshpot, a bit more moisturizing. Its a great pigmented nude, this will not give you the concealor effect. It is a bit darker, but a very wearable nude.

I will be getting my 2 new nudes from Shu Uemura tommorow, look out for the review.
What is your favorite Nude Lipstick and are there any I am missing that I should be trying?


  1. They all look so pretty! Unfortunately I don't own any nude lipsticks:( Gosh Darling sounds amazing. ♥

  2. Colette, what is your favorite lip color to wear? If you are around Canada or the UK. Please try out gosh, it is great!!

  3. shiseido the makeup perfecting lipstick in praline p21.
    it might be discontinued but i'm sure you'll find a couple floating around the internet. its my go to nude when i dont have time for a mirror check. with many of the other nudes you've mentions like creme d'nude esp i find that i can't put it on without triple checking for even-ness.
    i love the shiseido line of lipsticks, def give them a try.

  4. I am going to try this out TODAY! I am running up to saks and I will hunt this baby down. Thanks so much for the recc! xx