Monday, April 13, 2009

Review Du Jour 4.13.09

Lush Products. Interesting debate about these.
I first saw Lush about 4 years ago when I was in Amsterdam desperately on the hunt for a moisturizer. I LOVED the concept and HATED the packaging. Fast forward 4 years, Lush is now hyped up and all the rage. Is it worth it?

I have been using 5 products consistently for these 4 years.
Ranked in order of frequency of usage:

1. Dream Cream: This product is a secret weapon. I get awfully dry skin in the winter. This is one of the only things that gets rid of all my roughness and bumpiness. It smells a bit herbal, like lavendar but I have come to find this very comforting. Also, a little story, I once got a rash on my arms from I have no idea what. I went to the dermotologist and they had no idea what it was from. They gave me a cream, it didnt work, the bumps and itchiness wouldnt go away. I decided for some odd reason to slather this on, next day, GONE! I swear. Miracle.

2. Buffy: Again, I have very dry skin. I like a very rough exfoliator, this does a great job of getting rid of all bumps and leaving a nice moisturizing oil behind in the shower. This in combination with Dream Cream is a GREAT thing for me.

3. King of Skin: Very Moisturizing, I use it winter and summer for a gorgeous sheen on the legs and anywhere else.

4. Honey I washed the kids soap: OBSESSED with this smell. I don't really use bars of soap. I usually use pumps by my sinks. I have replaced it with this soap just purely for the smell. It is so yummy. My boyfriend even likes it.

5. Butterball: Very moisturizing. It creates a milk bath like expierence. I never have as soft skin as when I use this.

I have recently stopped into the Lush store on Broadway and decided to explore some new products. Again, I have the same feedback, great product TERRIBLE packaging.

I have picked up:
Ma Bar: Smells DELICIOUS, almost like my beloved Honey I washed the kids but with a bit of chocolate. I would repurchase this. I loved how it made my bath smell.

Soft Couer Massage Bar: Love the smell, same as above, although there is chocolate in it and it makes a mess. I also do not know what this product really does for my skin, so I will not be repurchasing.

I also have used products from lush that I HATED. For example, Angels on bare skin, do not get me started. I hate that stuff with a passion, dried me out, did not clean properly and smelled bad.

Anyway, What are your top 5 favorites?


  1. I recently ordered Sexy Peel and Honey I washed the kids, they're supposed to come on the 18th and I'm really excited! Have you tried the Karma soap or any of the buttercreams?

  2. Hi Jessica! Thanks for stopping by! You should be very excited for Honey I washed the kids, the smell is to die for. I have smelled the Karma soap, I personally do not like it, too hippie- ish for me...I think its the sandalwood. Yes I have tried the butter creams, soft couer is one I believe!

  3. I'm actually not the biggest fan of Lush but I don love Demon in the Dark soap(it smells like tea) and the shampoo bars. It's actually funny because I actually like Angels on Bare Skin:) ♥

  4. Hi Colette, I feel the same way as being not the biggest fan in general, but I do love these few products. Ah, well, different people have different results. The world of beauty...

  5. hey! thx for the review been looking to try it out lately!! Prob gonna pick up the dream cream cuz im super duper dry too!