Monday, April 13, 2009

NYC Shop Du Jour 4.13.09

First of all, the space is gorgeous, very spacious and modern. The merchandising/ space seems to go very well with the icy cool toned pastel/ grey palette. All the clothes are are icy toned, flowy, drapey and a very overall interesting take on the newest spring trends. I am a sucker for Korean fashion so I might be biased but I think this is one of the best set up and merchandising schemes I have seen in an accessible price point store in a long time.

I was initially lured into the store by the Mauvy silks I have been lusting over for spring. I have walked by this store a few times but have never gone in. I am very happy I did, I found 4 silk pieces for under $300 and in my eyes that is a STEAL.

Eryn Brinie is a Korean based chain shop with Japanese influence. Eryn Brinie is inspired by a fictional chic French woman, who spends days in cafes and museums in Paris. Every item in the store is under $150.

If you are a fan of the delicate fashions of Asia, you will like this store a lot. There are a lot of rick owens looking draped silhouettes, structured jackets, slim pants in linen and wool, silk skirts, silk tops. There is pretty much something for everyone here from the super preppy to hip and edgy.

Check it out, you will not be disappointed.
NYC Flagship
501 Broadway (between spring and broome)
NY NY 10012

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