Sunday, April 19, 2009

Obsession Du Jour 4.19.09

Jemma Kid Dewy Glow.
I had tried to do some research on this product, but no one I knew had tried it and anyone I had asked had not heard of it. I think this is more of a british based makeup company, not so popular here in the US yet.

Anyway, the name really drew me in, Dewy Glow. Those are two things in life I strive for, to be dewy and glowy :)

I dropped by SpaceNK in Soho about a month ago to try it out and I really liked it. It is creamy which is great for my skin as I am so dry. I got the color rose gold, gorgeous shimmery golden color. Pricey at $32 USD.

  • Very creamy
  • Not powder, so it blends and looks natural
  • Super Sheen-y
  • NO glitter
  • Brings out cheekbones like no other
  • Multi purpse (cheeks, eyes, lips)
  • Price
  • Not good for Oily Skin or skin with large pores.
  • Packaging, hard to open and looks dirty easily (that soft matte finish- like NARS)
  • Not alot product for the price

I really highly reccomend this product for anyone OBSESSED with getting glowy skin. I would go as far as to say this is the best highlightere I have come across ever. To me, this blows away MACS cream color bases (CCB). I will never be without this again.

You can purchase it here,

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