Friday, April 17, 2009

Palette's Du Jour 4.17.09

I might be a little late on reviewing these but better late than never.
These particular ones were purchased from Coastal Scents. I would recommend looking on ebay as they have these for half the price, around $10.

I will start with the 88 Palette.
On the right is the 88 Shimmer palette and on the left is the Matte.

With Flash

Without Flash
Swatches on finger tips of the same Green, third row in from left and third color up.

With Flash

Without Flash

Conclusion: I think they are great for what they are and the price. The shadows are dime size and super pigmented. This lasting power is decent and color pay off is huge. This is perfect for me, I do not wear bright colors and do not want to invest in MAC shadows for colors that I will not wear often. Also, this is a great gift for make up beginners. I personally like the shimmer palette better as the colors are truly beautiful but I will use the matte more, I would say for the price get both because as you can see they do not compare to each other and the matte is VERY useful for me.

Next, the 28 Neutral Palette.

With Flash

Without Flash

Swatches on fingertips, with flash.

Conclusion: This palette is AMAZING for me. I wear these colors every day and the color pay off and pigmentation is amazing. There are alot of MAC dupes in here, for colors such as Vanilla, Soft Brown, Embark, Wedge, Cork and Brule. This again is great is you want to try a bunch of looks but do not want to invest in MAC or whatever other eye shadows yet. These are the size of quarters, compared to the 88 dime sized pans.

Next, Contour and Blush Palette

With Flash

Swatches of the Contour Colors

Swatches of the Blush Colors
Conclusion: I think this palette is fantastic, high quality powders, tons of options. I do not use the pink blushes ever, as I have many other favorite blushes. I use the Highlight white powder and the brown contour color to sculpt cheekbones. This is comparable to MAC's Sculpt and Shape powders. This whole palette is less than 1 sculpt powder by MAC so this worth it!

A quick peek at how I keep my palettes, my MAC palettes are in there too (that will be another post entirely)

To wrap it all up, I think these are very affordable great palettes to use if you want to start up in experimenting with different colors. Again, I would urge you to look on ebay before going to Coastal Scents.


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