Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Makeup Tutorial 4.27.09

As requested, here is my first picture makeup tutorial.
This is a very dramatic smokey green eye with silly silver lips.
Also, at the end I will show you the GORGEOUS eye look my boyfriend did on me!

Products Used:

MAC Shadestick in Cakeshop as a base
Coastal Scents Shimmer Green in inner corner- Dupe for Aquavert
MUFE Diamond Shimmer shadow in 310 on outer 2/3 of eye
NARS Nightporter in outer V
MAC pigment in Platinum on the middle of my lid for a POP!
MAC pigment in Deep Blue Green
MAC Black tied in very outer V to deepen further
MAC Brule as a Highlight and to blend
MAC Solar White under brow highlight
MAC Liquid Last in Black
YSL Faux Cils Black Mascara

MAC Otherworldly

MAC Shadestick in Cakeshop
MAC Pigment in Platinum

Brushes Used:
MAC 242- packing on Color
MAC 244- blender
MAC 226- to place pigment and blacks
MAC 227- highlight color
MAC 182- Kabuki for cheeks
Elf Angled Fluffy Brush


1. MAC Cakeshop all over lid

2. Coastal Scents Dupe for Aquavert on Inner corner and 1/2 of eye with MAC 242 brush

3. Make Up Forever Diamond Shimmer shadow in 310 on outer 2/3 of Eye for MAC 242 Brush

4. MAC Brule to blend to eyebrow with the MAC 244 Brush

5. NARS Nightporter in Outer V with Elf Angle fluffy brush

6. MAC pigment in Platinum on the center of the ball of your lid, for a POP with MAC 242 Brush

7. MAC Brule to blend up to eyebrow with the MAC 227 brush

8.. MAC Deep Blue Green pigment in Crease

9. MAC Black Tied in the Outer Corner to further deepen with MAC 226 pointed blender brush.

10. MAC solar white to highlight under brow bone with MAC 227 Brush

11. MAC black Liquid Last eyeliner and YSL Faux Cils Mascara in Black to Top it off.

12. MAC otherworldly Blush for cheeks

13. MAC cakeshop shadestick on lips as a base and MAC platinum pigment pressed over.


And as promised, My boyfriend trying to put makeup on me, very UNSUCCESSFULLY!


What do you all think? Do you want to see more posts like this?


  1. you and riley are the two hottest bitches ALIVEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUUU

  2. Love your tutorial! Please do more.
    And it looks like your bf is born to be a MUA :D

  3. Thanks bis! will do.
    My boyfriend will be sticking to his day job I think!

  4. OH my gosh this is sooooooo gorgeous! I love it!!!! You are so talented! And the silver lips, wowzer!! You are stunning, these colours suit you so nicely. Hahaha that is a classic! Love the trail of pink down your cheek ;) Aw, your puppy is soooooo cute!!!! Adorable!

  5. thanks sarah! this is nothing compared to what you do with makeup!!! Coming from you that is a huge compliment!! thanks!

  6. The Boy gets 10/10 for effort! LOL

  7. hahaha! A+ for Effort, F for execution!

  8. awwwww i love the look! and what a cute doggy :)
    jack russel? is it a girl? oxox

  9. look at those fierce lips!!! gotta give props to ur bF for at least trying lol!

  10. Sammiebbz- Yes! She is a jack russel, she is the sweetest baby in the world, although sometimes i think she might be a rat terrier because she is SO small.

  11. SwatchCrazee- he get's no props for that mess!! ahah