Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mac Eye Product Du Jour 4.09.09

Let me first start off by saying, I do not leave the house without some sort of eyeliner on.
I love liquid liner and gel liners. I have recently been loving the Mac Pentultimate Liner that was released with the chill collection for mac. My only gripe with that is, that it dries up within a month. Another favorite is the Lancome Art liner, very precise and easy to work, but that one wears off by the end of the day. I use the Mac fluidline quite alot but it is not as SHARP as real liquid liner. I like to related my tale of woe to Goldy Locks, never JUST right. As I was walking in Mac today I figured I would give thier liquidlast liner a shot and WOW. IT STAYS PUT! Impressive. I even tried to wash it off and it is still there.

I wound up getting the Point Black color and Inkspill.
Inkspill is gorgeous. It is a green/black, with a sheen. It almost looks like a beetle. I just love it.
Below you can see both swatches, the second one is blurry but I wanted you to see the sheen of the green.
I can not wait to wear these tommorow and let you all know if this is the HG of eyeliners.


  1. My favorite are the gel liners from MAC and Bobbi Brown. I have 8 different shades. The liquidlast liner are fine, but for me it´s to hard off the color.