Monday, April 13, 2009

Obsession Du Jour 4.13.09


My favorite brand since 1997. Nars has been my true love since my first forray into them, from Nars Laguna bronzer to Orgasm Blush to my first eyeshadow ever, Night Fairy.

My three most tried and true (and OLDEST) beloved favorite products of the moment are:
These top 3 were picked on the fact that I have re-purchased each of these products over 2 times.

Sabrina Lip Treatment: Hands down my favorite lip color/ treatment in one product of all time.
Milky pale pink, gorgeous melon smelling lip product. The downside is I can go through this in a month. I have gone through 7 of these so far. Talk about an addiction. To prove my addiction, below is a stock picture from Sephora and beneath it are the two I currently have with me. One in my work desk drawer and one in my bag, at all times. One of them is down to a measly centimeter worth of product. Excuse the quality, the picture was taken with my blackberry.

Turkish Delight and Striptease: I feel the same way about both of these colors. Okay let me tell you about this, I ADORE this color, I hate the smell. I have not found another lip gloss to take the place of this milky pale pink color and the perfect Nude gloss. Let me tell you though, I certainly am on the hunt for a better smelling replacement. This smells like burnt plastic to me, but i love the colors so much that I put up with it. Until something better comes along.
Bellisima Eyeshadow Duo: This is an eyeshadow duo that I have replaced three times. Every time i wear it someone compliments me on my makeup. It is a very neutral palette and goof proof. It has a beige brown for contour and crease and a light shimmery champagne for highlight and lid color. It is basic and a tried and true HG for me.
I also have a secret project I am working on right now having to do with NARS at work, so watch this space for an update!


  1. I have seriously been struggling about buying Turkish Delight. On one hand.. ive never seen the color anywhere else (at least not exactly like it) and then... i HATE the taste of my Nars glosses so much I threw them all away!

    I have Sabrina too.. love it!! :)

  2. Hi Tali! The color is phenomenal but like you said the taste and smell leaves a lot to be desired. Ah, the quest for the perfect gloss.

  3. Hi there!! Thankyou so much for your comment!!! I've just been checking out your previous posts, they are sooo great. Just hearing you talk about shopping in NYC/ Manhattan makes me totally smitten :P (I love all things NYC -- granted I have never been, but one day.... a girl can dream right!?). I have heard such wonderful things about Sabrina too, but I am yet to try it, I think I must! I'm trying to 'follow' you but my Internet is being temperamental and the box won't load, but I'll visit again soon and will do so as soon as it's working again! Have a great day : ) : )

  4. Hi Sarah, that is such a nice comment. Glad to have you here reading!! Well we all are smitten with where we dont live. I would LOVE to be in Australia!!! You should definitley give Sabrina a try. Its my absolute favorite.
    Again, thanks for reading!!! Hope to see you around here :)