Sunday, April 19, 2009

Summer Product Lovin Du Jour 4.19.09

So now that summer time weather has reared its head in new york city I have decided to break out my tried and true summer bronzer.

Meet Bronzer Universal De Chanel, or as I like to call it, the best bronzer in the world.

Creamy, bronze goodness...

Swatch on my un- tanned winter ew skin.
This bronzer has been with my since highschool around 7 years ago when I first discovered it (i have gone through about 4 or so of these). Again, as I am dry it is hard for my to use a bronzer without looking all powdery, which I HATE. During winter, during my palest days, I use this as a cheek color and a bronzer or to contour. During the summer, I use this as an all over face color to deepen my tan. The best way to use it is with an angled fluffy brush (I used to use my fingers with this and that was adequate, but the brush application makes a world of a difference because you really only need the slightest bit).Truly wonderful product my Chanel, and definitley one of my staples in my makeup stash.

  • Sheer, Natural, Buildable Color
  • Creamy
  • Lasts a long time (only need a tiny bit for each applicaion)
  • Packaging
  • A lot for your money
  • Smells nice

  • Chanel price tag, very expensive ( SO WORTH IT)
  • Comedegenic, if you are acne prone, I would not suggest this.
Have any of you tried this and love it as much as me?
What is your summer must have?

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  1. My summer must have are the givenchy collection. The nail polishes are great, also the eyeshadow quad. Check out my block!