Monday, April 27, 2009

Obsession Du Jour 4.27.09

One word... TENDERTONE.

If you all are familiar with MAC as I am, and that is super extra like a sister familiar then you will know exactly what I am referring to.

I am one of the people that was in love with tendertones and cried dearly when I ran out of my beloved coveted EZ Baby tendertone, low and behold a wonderful MUA'er did a swap with me for a brand new one. I am so happy I finally have my baby back, although now I am scared to use it and run out again.

EZ Baby is a cool, milky pale pink, my favorite color in a lip product. This could not be more perfect, it also smells like Kiwi- Strawberry which is great. The swatch on my lips is not quite accurate as in person it is a bit lighter and milkier.

Anyone else praying to the MAC gods of a re-release of the tendertones?


  1. I have EZ Baby and Hush (I think). I barely use them but am taking EZ away with me in the hope that I'll use it. It looks nice enough in the pot. I just have so much stuff that it gets neglected!

  2. Yinka, EZ baby is my HG of all lip products! You must try it and get some usage out of it. It looks perfect with a nice glowy tan, but i love love pale pale milky lips! If you don't use it you know where to send that!!!

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